Friday, February 26, 2010

Beautiful Baby

If you have a moment, a few kleenex (or an entire box) and want to read the most amazing birth story and see photos of the most beautiful baby girl I think I have ever seen, read this. I promise you will not regret it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Weekly

What grade do you remember being your favorite in school (K-12)?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weight Watchers

I am starting weight watchers and was wondering if others on here have done it. I would love favorite low point meals, snacks, treats etc.! Also tips and ideas to help with losing weight would be great! If anyone wants to follow my weight loss blog this is the link Let me know if you have one too!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toddlers and Music

I know there are several of you on here who are musically talented, so I'm hoping you can help me out! My (almost!) three year old is very into music. She loves to sing and play around on the piano. Are there any things I can do to help her begin to learn the basics of playing piano and learning to sing? If the best thing I can do for her is to just let her bang around on the piano, that's fine! But if there are things I can be doing to help her start learning the notes and how to read music, I'd love to help her.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby carriers/wraps

I'm expecting my 2nd in 3 weeks and we'd like a carrier or a wrap for him. We had one for our first, but it was second hand, and I couldn't get her out of it by myself so I never used it. Now it seems there are so many different products out there! Wraps, slings, and carriers of all different price levels. What is everyone's recommendation on what to buy? And what do you like and dislike?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Weekly

Which Winter Olympic sport do you enjoy watching the most?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diaper deals

Ok, I know some of you are excellent bargain shoppers, so I was wondering if anyone knew the best deals/places to get the Pampers Newborn swaddlers? When my daughter was a little older, I switched to cheaper diapers, but I've found these are the best ones for newborns. I want to start stocking up now, so I don't have to buy them all at once. I am realizing that I wasn't very good at using coupons and paying attention to sales with baby #1. I'd like to think I'm a little more thrifty now, but correct me if I'm wrong-it doesn't seem like the newborn swaddlers ever go on sale? I do have some manufacturer coupons for Pampers. Which stores have the best regular prices?

Vote for My Girls- Round 2

Its time! Round two (the final round) of the photo contest I entered Cecelia and Eva into is here. Go to to place your vote. Our entry is a black and white photo of Cecelia hugging Eva. The caption above the photo says "Eva". Thank you, thank you for your votes!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Stroller issue for two kids

We are having our second child in a few months. My oldest turns four in September. At this point I am opting not to spend the money on a double stroller. My logic is that the baby will be small enough this summer to wear in a sling or front carrier. By next year when it's nice enough, my daughter will be 4 1/2. I am assuming that if I am places that require a lot of walking, where my daughter might get tired, like the zoo or something, that it would be a family event and my husband would be with me. Therefore we could just take the regular stroller and an umbrella stroller which we already have.

So there, that is my logic. If you disagree though, and you loved having a double stroller, or it's something you couldn't live without, then tell me! And if that's the case, what kind of stroller do you have that you love?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Weekly

Have you ever won anything? Contest? Raffle? Pageant? Anything?

Valentines Day

What types of things do you do for your kids on Valentines Day?
What are you doing for your Hubby?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vote for my Girls!

I entered the girls in a photo contest on What to Expect. The grand prize- a Moby wrap, which I really want for babywearing Eva. If you have a minute, go to to vote. You may have to scroll through the three pages of entries to find us as the picture keeps moving. It is a black and white photo of the girls snuggling, and it is titled Eva. Thanks for your vote!

Friday, February 5, 2010


My sister is crazy amazing at noticing things in Lost episodes that I could never ever catch and analyzing what happens in each episode. If you're interested, here's her latest blog post.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For Those of You Who Love Writing

Hello, it's Lisa! Most of you probably don't even know who I am, it's been so long since I checked up on this cute little blog. I'm sorry! I really haven't done much blogging at all lately, ever since the arrival of child #2 and our move across the country from Florida to Arizona last summer. My husband is now at his first job as a dentist and I am getting used to dealing with his long work hours, living in a new place, meeting new people and picking up new interests, along with the inevitably hard-going adjustment to being a mother of two. Phew! Sometimes I wonder how my head has stayed on straight.

Anyway, one thing I wanted to share with you ladies is a writing group I recently joined. Since you all like blogging, I thought maybe that meant some of you enjoy writing as well. This group, called ANWA (American Night Writers Association) is exclusively for Latter-day Saint women who enjoy writing.

There is a whole spectrum of ANWA members, from those who want to write and publish novels or childrens' books, to poets or editors, to those who just like writing in their journals (or blogs!). Authors like Stephenie Meyer and Aprilynne Pike used to be in this group, as well as others who are still in it like Janette Rallison. ANWA is an excellent forum to just learn more about writing and get motivated to work on and share your own writing talents.

The way it works is you join a chapter that is in your area--or online if there is no chapter near enough to you--and you meet with that chapter (in real life or via chat room) once a month. You also get a monthly newsletter, opportunities to attend annual conferences, and access to their yahoo! groups emails, which contain a lot of fun and interesting information. For more information, visit their website at It does cost $20 a year to join.

Writing has always been something I enjoy but tend to put on the back-burner, and since joining this organization I have been really inspired to start writing more. I have even begun to write my first novel, something I never thought I'd have the guts or work ethic to do. :) Talking to other sisters who write novels on a regular basis has made me realize how much of a reality it truly can be. Hooray for ANWA! Just one more delicious topping on the blessings cake of being a member of our church!

Wednesday Weekly

What is your favorite TV show to watch right now?