Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Boy Church Clothes

We found out this week that our new baby is a boy! I am so excited, and have already started shopping. (Ok- I'll confess, I started shopping weeks before our ultrasound. I kind of thought it might be a boy so of course I couldn't pass up a good deal on cute clothes... and bedding... )

Anyway- the one thing I'm finding to be more difficult than shopping for girl clothes is when it comes to church outfits. Never hard to find a cute dress... but boy church clothes are proving to be harder to come by. We want our little guy to look nice- like khakis and a polo, or even white shirt, etc. What do you dress your boys in for church? And where do you find cute church clothes?


stacey said...

I don't have a boy, but I know that The Children's Place usually has cute church clothes for boys. Usually Easter and Christmas have the best selections. They normally have killer sales too. They have one going on right now with an extra 40% off clearance prices. You can even find free shipping codes and extra 15% off codes on top of that.

Bethany said...

My boys are toddlers now, we do regular khaki or dark blue khaki style pants and a nice polo shirt, at least for summer. For winter I do the same pants but a long sleeved shirt (sometimes with vest) or long sleeved sweater. When they were babies we put them in nice(er) onesies and pants. I didn't bother with suits for them as babies because it was just too much of a hassle. I did have a onesie with a tie sewn onto it, here's a website where you can buy them:

You could also try Kohls. I like their baby clothes.

The Schacher Family said...

We do white shirt and ties, Polos, khakis, vests, and little suits. Burlington Coat factory has great deals on church clothes and a huge selection. We bought Cedric a little khaki suit there. It was so cute. Children's place has really cute church outfits but very pricey. Although they sell the little ties and tey are pretty cheap. Tie stores in the mall usually sell the little ties too. Good luck!

Lynsey said...

I made those cute onesies with a tie sewn on it. Then for summer he wears khaki shorts. He eats everything, so I figured that his tie needed to be attached.

ARUN said...

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