Monday, January 14, 2008

Will the baby food questions ever end?

About 2 months ago my then 9-month-old went on a baby food strike. He's never returned. He refuses to eat ANY and EVERY kind of baby food (I even tried the Step 3 stuff, just to see if he'd eat something).

Anyway, he still doesn't have his molars and I struggle to find things to feed him, especially for breakfast. I can usually get him to eat a little bit of whatever we're having for dinner. Any ideas??? What do you feed your little toddlers? And is it normal to think he's not eating as much solid food as he did baby food?


Liz&Meg said...

my little one hardly ate any baby food! she loved it at first but after a while, she just wanted what we were eating!

even without molars, you should be good with cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, lunch meat, steamed veggies in small bites (i did a lot of sweet potatoes cut in little bites, broccoli in little bites, carrots and peas) grapes cut up as well as pretty much any fruit. We live on fruit cups still!

keep trying new stuff over and over and don't worry if he won't eat baby food specifically, worry more if you're missing food groups or textures (like he won't eat any purees) and work on adding those gradually. good luck!

The Schacher Family said...

My son is 16 months and still only has 4 teeth and he eats a lot of food. Soup is recently his favorite. I agree with what was said above and would add pasta's because most kids like pasta. There are lots of kinds too. Also for breakfast eggs and a favorite and cereal with milk. I never gave it to him because it is messy but he really eats it better then a lot of things. Rice krispies is a good started place with cereal. Also my son likes nutragrain bars a lot. Hopefully some of this is helpful!

Claire said...

Cecelia has never been a fan of baby food, so we struggle with this too. Most mornings I give her natural applesauce for breakfast. I usually put a few crackers on her tray as well. Lunches and dinners are harder. She loves soup, pasta, baked beans (one of her favourites!), mandarin oranges, fruits and veggies. I also mash up whatever we are eating for dinner and feed it to her. I don't puree it, just mash it. She's loved a huge variety... salmon, crab, shrimp, tuna casserole, cottage pie, etc.

Bamamoma said...

I was surprised to find out at Christmas that my sisters never did baby food with their kids. They just did table food, mashed or cut in small pieces. So, yes, kids can survive without Gerber. Yogurt is a great breakfast food and my 9 month old loves it. I do plain or vanilla yogurt and then mix in fruit from the baby food (pears, bananas, peaches, etc.). Egg yolks are ok pre-1 year but egg whites should be avoided.

Tiffany said...

I agree with all of the other posts. My daughter has gone through liking and not-liking baby food a lot and so I've had to get creative. She LOVES yogurt and so we have that at least once a day. We also do all of those other foods mentioned (spaghetti being her favorite food by far).

To add to the list:
Megan liked edamame a lot and frozen peas. Also she has six teeth and is really good at chewing and so she eats apple slices all the time (without the skin). She loves them. She's also just started eating dried fruits (craisins, raisins and dried apricots) and loves them. She really likes rice and beans. And she can eat sandwich pieces really well. Her big thing is that she has to feed herself, so I just have to understand that she's going to get really messy (esp. on spaghetti nights) but she's a good eater again! :)

Skipper said...

Thank you all SO much! This really helps.